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Hunger Gamer’s Guide: The Tributes

Considering there are 24 participants—or Tributes— in the annual Hunger Games, you would think this might be a rather extensive list. But the Hunger Games are such a bloodbath that nearly half of them are killed in the first few minutes of the Games. So, if you don't want even the smallest detail spoiled, this next post in our guide to The Hunger Games might not be for you.

Below you'll find each Tribute in the 74th Hunger Games that author Suzanne Collins gives some kind of a description. If you're confused by the districts or any of that stuff, you should probably stop by our "World of the Hunger Games" post first to brush up on your context. If you are wondering why our favorite Tributes from District 12 aren't here, take a look at our "Main Characters" guide.

District 1

- The folks in District 1 really know how to pick their baby names. Glimmer is the one tribute in the Games trying to win sponsorship on her sex appeal. She’s tall with long blond hair and emerald eyes. Katniss is a bit jealous of her, but despite being a Career Tribute (the teens whose districts train them discretely in preparation for the Games), she doesn’t seem to have much going for her. (Played by Leven Rambin.)

- As a male Career, Marvel is expected to be a favorite to win the games. However, he seems to be more of a follower than a born leader, taking instructions and following the ideas of his fellow Careers. His weapon of choice is a spear. (Played by Jack Quaid.)

District 2

- Dark-haired and more boyish than fellow girl Career Glimmer, Clove is a bit full of herself. She’s kind of a crazy warrior princess who thinks she’s more clever and skilled than the rest and isn’t afraid to voice it. That said, if she gets you at range with her throwing knives, she’ll get the last laugh. (Played by Isabelle Fuhrman.)

- Cato, like Katniss, is a volunteer Tribute. But while Katniss volunteered to keep her baby sister out of harm’s way, Cato did it for the glory. Before the Games begin, Cato makes the biggest case for being the one to beat. He’s described as a “ruthless killing machine.” He’s the unquestioned leader of the Tributes when the games begin. He proves to have a quick temper that easily turns to bloodlust. He is known for being quite the swordsman. (Played by Alexander Ludwig.)

District 3

Boy - We never learn his name, but he’s described as a scrawny, ashen-skinned boy. As his district is know for, he’s very good with gadgets, and this earns him the Career’s protection. (Played by Ian Nelson.)

District 4

Tributes from District 4 are also considered Career Tributes. None receive names in The Hunger Games.

District 5

- Katniss gives this otherwise nameless girl the moniker Foxface because of her red hair and fox-like features. She is described as sly and elusive when she gives her interview before the games and she proves to be just that in the arena, executing acrobatic-like maneuvers to gain supplies in arena without anyone noticing her. She’s non-confrontational, but Katniss thinks she has a good chance to win given her strategy and skill set. (Played by Jacqueline Emerson.)

District 10

- Although nameless, one of the first Tributes Katniss takes notice of at the Capitol is a boy with a crippled foot. During his interview he is very quiet. It could be theorized that Katniss notices him because of how obvious it is to her that he will not survive long in the arena.

District 11

Rue - The youngest of the Tributes, Rue reminds Katniss of her sister Prim. As it turns out, both names come from flowers. Rue is described as being small with dark skin. In her interview she says if she’s to be killed, the other Tributes will have to catch her first. Having worked in the orchards of District 11 for much of her young life, she’s quite nimble and agile, able to scale branches and traverse treetops with great ease. (Played by Amandla Stenberg.)

- The opposite of fellow Tribute Rue, Thresh is 6-and-a-half feet tall and “built like an ox.” Katniss takes not of his one-word responses in his interview, which she interprets as meaning that he’s all business. Despite his enormous size, Thresh rejected the Careers offers to join them because he prefers to operate alone. (Played by Dayo Okeniyi.)

District 12

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