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Hydrophobia Receiving Expansive Update

If you don’t know or need a quick reminder, Hydrophobia, an Xbox Live Arcade game released as part of the “Game Feast” a few months back, was pretty bad. Some could say it was even a 3.5 bad. Dark Energy Digital, the developers behind Hydrophobia hve sent out a press release revealing “Hydrophobia Pure” which is a title update that will come to the original Hydrophobia and will supposedly fix many of the games issues. Read some of the press release below.

“Dark Energy Digital is delighted to announce a comprehensive title update for Hydrophobia TM with a simultaneous price drop to 800 Microsoft Points. The title update is built from detailed analysis of critical and customer feedback and is a root and branch rework of all the major systems in the game.”

“The full list of updates includes new button mapping, massively improved controls, combat, cover and camera systems, much clearer damage feedback and objectives, enhanced climbing, better graphics, and much more. The Trial has also been extended to allow players to sample more of the all new Hydrophobia TM.

“We are really pleased and impressed with Dark Energy’s response to feedback from the Xbox LIVE Arcade community in this title update. This just goes to show that gaming never stands still on Xbox LIVE, and for me this makes Hydrophobia TM one awesome Xbox LIVE Arcade title”. – Mark Coates - Microsoft.”

Like I’ve mentioned previously, I wasn’t a fan of the original Hydrophobia, so I’m hesitant to believe this patch will fix the issues but I will give the devs another chance. Expect a “Hydrophobia Revisited” article in the coming week as the title update will launch tomorrow, December 21st.


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