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Hydrophobia Sequel Coming?

The slightly divisive yet mostly terrible Hydrophobia, released last September, has been thrashed violently ever since its release and now Dark Energy Digitals seems to want to make another one Hydrophobia. This one being called Hydrophobia: Prophecy, the game has not been announced yet but it has appeared on a classification database out of Australia. While this is an odd place to find an unannounced game, it seems to be legit.

If you don’t remember, Dark Energy Digital released a free update to Hydrophobia a few months ago called Hydrophobia Pure. I played it and I have to say, it wasn’t as horrible as the original game was. Though that is like saying shit smells better than puke. It improved on some of controls which is nice but it’s impossible to change the horrid voice work and pitiful story in just an update. We can hope that in this possible sequel, they’ll fix every issue. I’m not holding my breath until they do though.


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