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Hyrule Warriors Adds Ocarina of Time Characters, New Mode Teased

Tecmo Koei has really been doing a good job keeping Hyrule Warriors on our radars thanks to a steady flow of trailers detailing characters and their diverse weaponry. Today they added a trailer debuting three new characters from one of the most acclaimed games of all time: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. AA11-noscale First up is Sheik, Zelda’s alterego. Though unconfirmed that it is Zelda in disguise since she’s fighting on the front lines herself, Shiek seems to use her harp and kunai to defeat enemies left and right. AA1-noscale Darunia was the Sage of Fire from Ocarina and the head Goron on Death Mountain. He seems to use the Megaton Hammer as a weapon, though it seems he can roll around as well. Funny enough, he’s only the second male character announced for the game so far. AA10-noscale Lastly, Ruto is the Sage of Water, the princess to the Zora tribe in Hyrule and Link’s fiancée (in her eyes at least). She seems to summon water to slap foes around. AA7-noscale Lana was updated to show off the Deku Stick as one of her weapons. Apparently characters can perform summons since we see Lana summon the Great Deku Sprout and Link summon Ocarina’s Great Fairy. The enemies were shown off slightly as well. Zant from Twilight Princess and Ghirahim from Skyward Sword make an appearance and it seems that Valga can transform into a dragon in battle. Story-wise, we now learn that the game merges the realms of Skyward Sword’s Skyloft and both Ocarina of Time’s and Twilight Princess’ Hyrule, hence why characters like Midna, Ruto, Fi, and Darunia coexist, though both Link and Zelda are unique to Hyrule Warriors. Though we don’t know when, but we now know that they’ll be at least one part of the game where you can defeat Gorons instead of normal baddies. Also as a nod to Ocarina, throughout the story will be 100 Gold Skulltulas to kill, and they'll pop from random places at random times during battles. AA2-noscale One weird thing that Tecmo Koei admitted was that cutscenes are static in the game, so if you’re playing as let’s say Ruto in a stage and a cutscene pops up, it could be Link or Zelda starring in it, despite who your character is. The trailer also details how co-op would work, which is a lot like Call of Duty or the last Warriors game on Wii U, Warriors Orochi 3: Hyper, did where one played with a Pro Controller on TV and the other played off the GamePad. AA8-noscale The game will also support DLC where Link and Zelda will attain their looks from Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword. These outfits are included with the Limited Edition of the game, which is Japan-only and comes with a Triforce clock and Link’s scarf. While the Limited Edition is not coming here, the DLC could, whether free or paid. Also teased in the trailer was a NES Remix-style game based on the original Legend of Zelda. We see a modified version of the game with a limited inventory where the player must solve a puzzle or defeat enemies within a time limit, again much like NES Remix. I expect that Tecmo Koei will detail that in the near future. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=2c8EEXL3L8c Well these teases are getting me more excited about the spinoff more and more, and I cannot wait for the release on September 26th. Especially when events like these happen in the middle of battle:


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