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Hyrule Warriors Coming to Nintendo 3DS

"Same game with two new characters"
It looks like the awesome Wii U hack-n-slash Hyrule Warriors is hitting the Nintendo 3DS soon.
From the looks of the trailer that it’s the same Wii U game compressed for the 3DS, but they seem to be adding Tetra and King Daphenes Nohanson Hyrule (The King of Red Lions) to the mix. If you own both the Wii U and 3DS versions, you can transfer the new characters to the Wii U. We’ll see if they’ll be standalone DLC or if it’ll require $40 just to get two characters on the HD side.
The trailer hints at the playable characters and it only looks like the characters on disk and the three villains that were free DLC for the Wii U version are playable. It’s unknown if the Hero of Hyrule season pass content will be available for the 3DS port, which contained three new adventure maps and several new characters like Young Link with the Fierce Deity’s Mask and Twili Midna.
Though I don't know what will be cut porting a Wii U game to 3DS, but now those with 3DS' can bask in the glory that is Hyrule Warriors' Ganondorf.


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