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I Am Alive – Not Dead Yet

I Am Alive, Ubisoft's post-apocalyptic survival game, seems to have survived its own personal doomsday situation.  Since its eerie and awe-inspiring debut trailer at E3 2008, the game has been delayed multiple times and has remained shrouded in mystery.

After the Australian Classification Board gave the game an MA 15+ rating back in June, the ESRB has followed suit and rated the game Mature.  The information on it at the ESRB details that the main character is searching for his family.  I Am Alive appears to be designed as a hybrid melee third person shooter, with "realistic gunfire, slashing sounds, and cries of pain."  Sexual misconduct also appears to be a prevalent theme, as players encounter "women who can be saved from nearby enemies"  and that "sexual mistreatment is sometimes implied in the dialogue (e.g., “These guys kept me as their pet, or mascot, or something.”).  

The folks at Ubisoft, whether they are intending to develop a true-to-life apocalyptic scenario are not, look like they are sprinkling in plenty of the wicked characteristics of humanity amidst a man trying to save his family.  

I can't really blame them. After all, what would the game be like without bad guys to thwart?


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