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I Am Alive Returns With A New Trailer

I Am Alive is a Ubisoft downloadable title that was first shown at E3 2008 and we've barely heard a thing since then, until earlier today an official (but unreleased) trailer was leaked. For those who haven't heard of the game, I Am Alive sets you as a man named Adam Collins who is trapped in Chicago after a massive earthquake has destroyed the city and separated it from the mainland. Check the new trailer below.

In early 2010, the development of the game shifted from the original developer Darkworks to Ubisoft Shanghai, the CEO of Ubisoft said that they were "totally re-engineering the product" and the trailer certainly shows the "re-engineering" that the game underwent since then. It looks completely different from the 2008 trailer and definitely looks a lot darker than I expected.  The game looks like it has definitely taken some cues from both Mirror's Edge and the Uncharted games as well as an interesting shifting between first and third person perspectives throughout the trailer.

Much like another Ubisoft game that we don't know much about (Beyond Good and Evil 2), I Am Alive has no release date but is expected to be released somewhere around Q1 2012. The game is set to be released on PC, 360 and PS3.


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