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I Reckon We Got Us A New Trailer for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Yee haw, I reckon this here trailer for Reckoning looks right purty, I reckon.  I reckon you cowpokes outghtta mosey on down to the bottom of this here page and take a gander at the gamplay footage, I reckon.  I can't quite reckon why the game's called "Reckoning" when there ain't no cowboys in it, but I reckon the folks what made it got a good reason, I reckon.

It looks more'n a mite like Fable, I reckon, but that ain't no bad thing there.  Fable was a right fine game, I say!

I reckon Kingdoms of Amalur uses a dynamic character-building system that avoids a class-based system, and characters git better at whatever skills the Player uses most. But that's just a hat full of ten-dollar words, and I reckon you folks can make up your own minds after seeing the trailer for yourselves.

I reckon we got plenty of time to jaw over this, as Reckoning don't come out 'till next Feb'rary, I reckon.


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