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ID Software in Trouble: The Latest with Doom 4

ID Software is in trouble. It is been a decade since we've seen a new entry in the Doom franchise, and everyone knows that. While Doom 4 is most likely a next-gen title at this point, things have been getting kind of crazy over at ID. All signs point to internal struggles between mismanaging the company and the shift of development from the Doom franchise to 2011's massively disappointing Rage, but what exactly is happening with Doom 4?

It looks as if Doom 4 took a back burner to focus on Rage. Development has been cancelled on a sequel since the original Rage failed to meet expectations. In fact, Rage was always nothing more then a tech demo in my opinion, and hence why it probably was my personal most disappointing game of 2011. But since then, there has been a massive struggle within the company to get Doom 4 complete and out the door. The only answer given has been simple: "Doom 4 will be done when it is done."

It is more interesting to note that anytime anyone has said anything about the game, it has been negative. The game has been described as "Call of Doom," featuring a bunch of set pieces and less scares, bookended with Call of Duty style elements. Screenshots leaked in February of 2012 looked an awful lot like Rage, and were easily dismissed as "out of date".

So at this point, it is anyone's guess as to what exactly is going on with this game. Will we ever see Doom 4? Or is it destined to become the new Duke Nukem Forever? Only time will tell.


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