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IDW Becomes a Diamond Premier Publisher

  IDW Premier Publisher

IDW Publishing (Ideas & Design Works), has joined the ranks of Marvel, DC, Image and Dark Horse Comics, in becoming a Premier publisher. From Diamond's site, "
IDW and Diamond have signed a new mulit-year agreement with fresh incentives." They become the first publisher since 1996 to be added to the Premier club. What does this all mean for the readers? Nothing right away. It has potential for IDW to make more money on their own books. That in turn would produce more revenue to create new books. This is however more of a, "down the line" scenario. The immediate changes will be that the publisher will enjoy being moved to the front of Previews, the monthly catalog listing up-coming comic releases. 

It seems like yesterday that IDW was breaking onto the scene with 30 Days of Night and Transformers. Now they have a children's line of books and a growing digital market. The future looks bright for them and hopefully they'll continue producing great books for comic fans in the years to come. For more information head over to IDW's site or visit Diamond's site for the entire breakdown of benefits.

Seriously, you need to read 30 Days of Night. Follow Dustin on Twitter and post questions to him on FormSpring.


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