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IDW To Reprint Walt Simonson’s Star Slammers

You will soon have a chance to see some of the very early work of comic book legend Walter Simonson when IDW Publishing releases Star Slammers: The Complete Collection in early 2015. Star Slammers was created by Simonson when he was a student at the Rhode Island School of Design. It was later published as a graphic novel by Marvel Comics in 1983. Marvel also published a follow-up miniseries of Star Slammers.  

Star Slammers The Complete Collection

  Star Slammers follows a group of space mercenaries who are among the best around. Through their exploits, they develop a reputation and a way of life among the stars. IDW will be re-mastering and re-coloring the pages, so that Star Slammers will no doubt look better than ever.   IDW will publish Star Slammers: The Complete Collection in February 2015. It will feature the original Star Slammers graphic novel, mini-series, and loads of additional bonus content, including short stories, covers, and other Simonson drawings of the team. In all, the Star Slammers: The Complete Collection book will feature over 60 pages of content that has never been released. Additionally, the first printing of Star Slammers: The Complete Collection will have a built-in signature plate, signed by Simonson.   Star Slammers   Walter Simonson is an acclaimed writer and illustrator. Perhaps best known for his length run writing and illustrating The Mighty Thor in the 1980s (during which Simonson created Thor replacement Beta Ray Bill), Simonson has worked on many titles for Marvel and DC, including Fantastic Four, Detective Comics, and Manhunter (which Simonson developed with Archie Goodwin). Along with his wife Louise, Walt Simonson was a key figure in the development of Marvel Comics in the 1980s (they worked together on X-Factor in the late 80s). He has continued produced great comics over the last 20-plus years. One of those revisits Norse legends – Ragnarok, which is currently published by IDW.


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