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IDW To Rerelease Tribes in Hardcover Deluxe Edition

What would happen to the world if nobody lived past the age of 21? Can teenagers sustain a “normal” society? Michael Geszel and Peter Spinetta ask these questions and more in the acclaimed post-apocalyptic thriller, Tribes: The Dog Years. This upcoming May, IDW is rereleasing the graphic novel in a deluxe hardcover edition that is sure to make fans swoon. A deadly virus has shortened the average human lifespan to the age of 21. The world is in ruins and the last of mankind is led by a group of teenagers. In this chilling sci-fi epic, we’re shown the limitations of human progress through the brutal scope of perpetual youth.  


Written by Michael Geszel and Peter Spinetta, with masterfully rendered artwork by Inaki Miranda, Tribes has been called “Mad Max by way of Disney” by legendary creator Paul Pope. It’s a strange yet oddly appropriate designation for a concept that screams originality. Lauded for its artwork as much as for its writing, the Tribes deluxe edition puts the creative teams’ hard work on display. With loads of bonus material and supplementary artwork, the hardcover deluxe edition of Tribes: The Dog Days provides the original story and a whole lot more. Geszel said of it, “I’m thrilled with the new edition, especially the chance to show Inaki’s stellar pencil work in full pages and publish some marvelous concept designs of new characters.” Tribes: The Dog Days Deluxe Edition is expected to hit store in May of this year.


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