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IDW To Publish Popeye

The sailor with a spinach fetish and burly arms is back! Thanks to IDW Publishers, Popeye will be returning in his own comic series. The series will be written by Roger Langridge.

Popeye, for those few unaware of the sailor, began his fame in comics before working his way into the mainstream media with cartoons and movies. He debuted in 1929 and was created by Elzie Crisler Segar.

A sailor with big biceps, Popeye consistently fights off the boorish tough-guy Bluto, usually by downing a can of spinach for super-strength (a great pitch to get your kids to eat some veggies), always winning the heart of his love interest Olive Oyl. The new series will continue to feature Popeye, Bluto, and Olive, as well as several of Popeye's other classic friends like Wimpy and Swee'Pea.

Writer Langridge has become even more popular with his recently released and still ongoing title Snarked, and The Muppet Show, both comics for Boom! Studios. He has also worked for Marvel Comics on Thor: The Mighty Avenger. His combined skills working on action and humor will hopefully turn out to be a match made in heaven in his upcoming Popeye series.

Langridge will be working with artist Bruce Ozella on the Popeye comic. The series will also be edited by Ted Adams, the co-founder and chief executive of IDW, and Craig Yoe, an expert on comics.

Popeye is planned to launch in April, with a cover from Bruce Ozella which cleverly pays homage to the first issue of Action Comics. There will also be a special, rare cover, done by Jules Feiffer, a Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist!

IDW Publishers: Popeye #1 (2012) Cover A 
IDW Publishers: Popeye #1 (2012) Cover B 
Popeye #1 Panels 


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