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Image Comics Announces New Zombie Mini-Series

Image Comics recently announced that they will be publishing, in conjunction with Shadowline Comics, a four-part zombie mini-series called Rebel Blood. The series will mimic such great horror classics as The Vault of Horror and Tales from the Crypt, and will be written by a newcomer to the comic book biz, Alex Link, and drawn by Riley Rossmo (Green Wake).

In Rebel Blood we meet Chuck Neville, a forest ranger who hears a radio message warning of a plague that is about to hit. Neville learns that the plague has turned everyone into flesh-eating zombies (but really, what other kinds are there?).  Now he must rush home to save his family, but is in for a horrifying surprise when he gets there.

Rebel Blood #1 will be for sale on March 28th but will be available to order in the January issue of PREVIEWS for $3.50.

Image Comics and Shadowline Comics: Rebel Blood #1 (2012) written by Alex Link and drawn by Riley Rossmo. 


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