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New Image Firsts Coming This May 2013

In the past Image Comics has released "Image Firsts" ā€“ reprints of the first issues of some of their most popular comics, including Fatale, Elephantmen, Saga and The Manhattan Projects. Now, on May 1st, six more "Image Firsts" will be added to these premier issues, all at the usual low price of $1. The release just so happens to coincide with Free Comic Book Day. The six titles which will be made into "Image Firsts" include Bedlam, Great Pacific, Mind the Gap, Morning Glories, Peter Panzerfaust and Super Dinosaur. Bedlam #1 Cover Unsurprisingly, the critically praised murder, mayhem and rehabilitation featured in Bedlam has lead Image Comics, after less than ten issues into its run, to make Bedlam an "Image First" title. This thriller is written by Nick Spencer (Morning Glories) and drawn by Riley Rossmo (Green Wake, Daken: Dark Wolverine). The story is about a mass murder known as Madder Red who, after his reign of terror that seemed to know no bounds, Red has been rehabilitated and has set out to save the town he once sought to cover in blood. The first six issues of the comic will also be released on May 1st in a trade paperback. Great Pacific #1 Cover Great Pacific is another "Image First" title with a trade paperback collecting the first five issues coming to stores on May 1st, coinciding with the release of the $1 issue. The series is being written by Joe Harris (Vampirella vs. Dracula, Bishop: The Last X-Man) and drawn by Martin Morazzo. It features a wealthy Texan by the name of Chas Worthington who has declared a floating island of garbage in the middle of the Pacific Ocean as his own "New Texas." Question is, can he keep his new frontier? I haven't tried this title, but it seems to not-so-subtly hint at environmentalism and the writer and artist don't seem to have the greatest works under their belt: Harris has written several 90s titles (with 90s reputations) and this appears to be Morazzo's first project. Could be perfect or a travesty. Either way, you'll have the option of trying it out for cheap in May. Mind the Gap #1 Cover Mind the Gap is a supernatural mystery written by Jim McCann (Daily Bugle, Babylon 5) and illustrated by Rodin Esquejo (Morning Glories). The story revolves around the rich and beautiful Elle Peyerssem who was attacked on a subway and left for dead. However, Elle doesn't die. She wakes up to see her body comatose in the hospital while she invisibly watches everyone around her and battles a bout of amnesia. The cheap reprint of the first issue will come out the same day as Mind the Gap #10 and the second trade paperback of Mind the Gap (which collects issues #6-#10) will be released later in the month on May 29th. I didn't review Mind the Gap but I did read the first issue and by the end you have no idea what is going on except an intriguing concept, meaning buying the first issue is not going to be cheap because the mystery built up in the first issue will make many a buyer go out and get the rest of the series which could turn out to be a unique experience or a disappointing failure. Morning Glories #1 Cover The "Image First" I'm happiest to see on this list is Morning Glories. I've heard such good things about this cult favorite for 2010 and have been waiting for a chance to jump into the series. The setting is an elite boarding school known as "Morning Glories Academy" where mystery runs rampant along with over-achieving teenage hormones. The latest trade paperback, "Truants," will collect issue #20-#24 and will be out before the reprinted first issue on April 24th. The series is written by the previously mentioned Nick Spencer and is drawn by Joe Eisma. Peter Panzerfaust #1 Cover The next title is a new take on the tale of Peter Pan. Peter Panzerfaust takes place during World War II France. A young boy named Peter forms a small army with French orphans and the group try to survive during war times. I've heard of this series before but never knew what it was about and this seemingly out-of-left-field concept is so intriguing I'm more than tempted to try it out. The trade paperback Peter Panzerfaust Volume Two: Hooked! includes issues #6-#10 and will be released after the reprint of the first issue on May 15th. The series is written by Kurtis J. Wiebe (Green Wake) and the artist is Tyler Jenkins (Proof). Super Dinosaur #1 Cover The last "Image First" title on this list is the all-ages adventure Super Dinosaur is ironically written by mature zombie-king Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead) and has art by Jason Howard (The Astounding Wolf-Man). Derek Dynamo and his best friend ā€“ a giant T-Rex with robotic enhancements ā€“ take on some of the worst baddies on Earth and Inner-Earth. The 20th issue of Super Dinosaur comes out on April 24th before the "Image First" edition. Orders can be placed for these six new "Image Firsts" titles. On May 1st jump into six Image Comics series: Bedlam, Great Pacific, Mind the Gap, Morning Glories, Peter Panzerfaust and Super Dinosaur. Get your dollars ready.


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