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Image Comics Races Motor Crush #1 Back into Print

The new Image Comics series Motor Crush has been a hit, selling out at many comic book stores. So Image is rushing it back to print in order for more fans to get to check out the series. Motor Crush #1 came out on December 7th and demand was strong. The second printing will be out in stores on January 11th, the same date that Motor Crush #2 will be released.   motor crush #1 cover   Part of the reaction for Motor Crush stems from the creative team. Brenden Fletcher, Babs Tarr and Cameron Stewart have teamed up for the series. While the story was collaborative, Fletcher handled the script. The art is provided by Tarr and Stewart. Additionally, the first issue also has contributions from popular artist Karl Kerschl (Gotham Academy). The team of Fletcher, Tarr and Stewart formed a beloved partnership on DC Comics’ Batgirl series. So their fans have followed the three comic creatives to Motor Crush #1.   Motor Crush has been described as a sci-fi action-adventure series. The story focuses on Domino Swift, a racer in a motorcycle racing circuit. Swift also has to compete for resources, though. In a world where racing fuel is precious, Swift belongs to a bike gang in pursuit of Crush, an engine-boosting compound. She has a great deal of competition for this extremely valuable – and illegal – commodity.   motor crush #1 p2   Motor Crush #1 features part one of the “Isola: Prologue” by Fletcher and Kerschl. In addition to selling out, the first issue is getting great reviews. Nerdist calls it “an absolute stunner.” Comicosity called it “the debut of the year.” IGN offered “Motor Crush won’t steer you wrong.” Comics Alliance, The Mary Sue, The Comics Beat and other outlets have also given Motor Crush #1 high marks. The comic is still available in digital formats and there may be copies at your local comic shop.


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