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Image Comics Re-Releasing Matt Fraction’s Casanova

Matt Fraction has won “Best New Series” Harvey and Eisner Awards for his collaboration with Chip Zdarsky, Sex Criminals. Both Sex Criminals and Satellite Sam, Fraction’s collaboration with Howard Chaykin, are comics published by Image Comics and have received acclaim. Now Casanova, an earlier series that began at Image Comics from Fraction and artists Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba (Daytripper) will be coming back – both old and new issues.   casanova   This fall the existing issues of Casanova will be republished as hardcover collections by Image. The issues will come out as three volumes: Luxuria (Volume 1), Gula (Volume 2), and Avaritia (Volume 3). This is prior to the series beginning its fourth arc, Acedia, which will be co-written by Fraction and Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Michael Chabon (The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay). Luxuria, illustrated by Gabriel Ba, will come out on October 22nd. Gula, with art by Fabio Moon, will be released on November 12th, and Avaritia, also featuring art by Moon, will be out December 17th. Each hardcover has a list price of $29.99.   casanova   Casanova is a genre-busting fantastical spy story centering on wealthy thief Casanova Quinn. Each of the volumes/arcs takes its name from the Latin word for one of the Deadly Sins. Casanova originally started in 2006 and was first published by Image, though later issues where published through Icon, the creator-owned arm of Marvel Comics. The series has been sporadic, having only published 18 issues so far, but that’s not especially surprising when you look at all of the work Fraction has done for Marvel and now Image. New issues of Casanova will come out in January.


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