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Image – Walking Dead 80 Teases More

Yesterday Image released the teaser image shown below for Walking Dead #80. You may recall the first teaser that basically hinted at nothing and showed even less. Basically it gave us the title of the storyline that is starting with issue 80 and that is "No Way Out." Admittedly, I'm not reading the Walking Dead and could really care less about this storyline. Hold on now, before you get the pitchforks let me explain that I have every issue of Walking Dead from 1 to 55 with the exception of the 2nd issue because it was just too expensive to allow myself to buy it. That's right back in the day you actually had to track down single issue if you wanted to read the series and that's just what I did. But at some point the Walking Dead stopped being interesting and or good. It's influences were always obvious but then the originality the series had slowly started to leave. Now it's just another comic title that people keep buying because they always have. Personally it's no better than X-Men or Batman or any of the other titles that play it safe each month to make a sales quota. But enjoy this image depicting what could be the first original idea in the book for thirty some issues.
Walking Dead 80 TeaserOh I can't wait! 


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