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Image’s Sinergy Set To Release

SINERGY is a story that begins with the day Jess loses her virginity—and finds insight into another world. Jess’s dormant abilities have been awakened, showing her the interdimensional monsters among us, feeding on our sins. Her father is a “seer” like her, and together they will save the world, one monster at a time… while trying to keep their family together.  

Sinergy cover

  Bestselling creators Michael Avon Oeming (Powers, The Mice Templar) and Taki Soma (United States of Murder, Inc.; Rapture) team up to co-write an all new fantasy adventure from Shadowline/Image Comics in SINERGY, which collects the first five issues of the hot Shadowline Comics series. With Oeming as the lead story artist on the series and Soma providing additional story art, SINERGY is a vibrantly illustrated graphic novel.   Early praise for SINERGY calls it “quirky” (IGN) and “successfully horrific” (Bloody Disgusting). It’s not every day that something seems to hit so many different points, and I hope it sticks the landing. Thoughts and comments would be appreciated below. SINERGY hits comic book store shelves on April 8 and bookstore shelves on April 21.  


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