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In ‘Depth’ Shark Gaming

Let’s admit it; after watching Jaws: most of us were terrified of going into the ocean, or coming into contact with a shark. They haunted us after we saw the film, and no doubt many of us, no matter our age, had nightmares about just that. So what if you could play as a shark, mangling your friends in an online gaming environment?  This is what the upcoming PC game Depth is all about.

Depth was announced at last year’s GDC, where we were shown the first trailer for the game. The aim is to play as two separate teams. While one side plays as sharks, the other side plays as a team of divers. The goal of the divers is to collect treasure while, according to the game’s official site, “evading [their] hungry opposition”. The goal of the sharks is even simpler: To find and eat the divers!

Sharks have unique abilities which involve using “sounds and smells of the shark’s world” to track their prey. They can also hear the enemy’s heartbeat and see disturbances in the water.  Whilst the concept of this game sounds slightly ridiculous, it also sounds intriguing, hilarious, and awesome. You can’t say it’s not unique!



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