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In-Game Halloween Events: City of Heroes

Halloween is this Sunday and that means gamers have a week full of Halloween-themed events inside our favorite online games.  Player Affinity will cover these spookfests all week long to remind you which old game you should log back into just so you can fight off the hordes of darkness, go virtual trick-or-treating, or battle a seasonal undead plague.

For the six years since it was launched, long-running superhero MMORPG City of Heroes has held spooky October festivities which included zombie invasions, attacks by giant pumpkin monsters, tick-or-treating for in-game goodies, as well as special loot and crafting items which could only be claimed this time of year.  They’re already in the midst of this year’s installment that runs through Midnight the 31st, and they have a special Alien Invasion planned too.

The standard City of Heroes Halloween events are all back, for those who haven’t played in a while, they’ve steadily added more features each year to support the salvage system (CoH’s crafting), and they’ve added temporary costumes which look like in-game monsters as well.  This year they’re adding a new feature that works with the “Tip Missions” introduced by the recent Going Rogue expansion set.  By knocking on random doors while wearing a scary costume, you might get a special “Tip” which starts you on the path of a new mission only available during the Halloween event.

In the wake of Halloween, the alien bad guys Rikti will once again invade Earth.  Starting on November 4th, just as all the superheroes are awakening from their sugar-comas, there will be another special in-world event lasting through the 7th.  

Details on both Halloween and the Rikti invasion can be found the CoH website.


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