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Incorruptible #7 – Review

If there's one thing about this title, it never stops pushing the story forward. Each page just blazes on until reaching the end. It very successfully captures the panic and craziness of the world. Although it's clear that this book is tied to "Irredeemable", it still hasn't gotten to that point in the story that it doesn't need to remind you of it.

The diamond gang is a group of white males that have begun worshiping the Plutonian and misinterpreting his actions. They believe that he's only killing minorities and so they've taken it upon themselves to do the same. They wear the Plutonian's symbol on their jackets and are terrorizing the city that Max has sworn to protect.

https://www.entertainmentfuse.com/images/Incorruptible_07_CVRA.jpgWhile Jailbait is in the hospital recovering from her collapse, Max is out tracking down the gang. He finds them after a series of crimes that they are broadcasting onto the internet. He beats the crap out of them and makes them beg for their lives while he records it. The leader of the group is more resilient and shares with Max that they know the secret of his power. The secret being that the longer Max is awake the harder his skin is, but that when he goes to sleep his power resets. The gang leader then threatens Max, telling him they'll be waiting for him.

Armadale waits with Jailbait at the hospital, hiding her identity as a Jane Doe. He's become attached to the young girl and seems to actually want to help her and Max. As he's leaving the hospital he bumps into the girl Max kidnapped in issue five. She's at the hospital because her family was attacked by the diamond gang. When she sees Armadale she asks him to contact Max for help. Too bad for her it's a silent arrangement that he and Max have, making him little help to her in public.

Mark Waid (Irredeemable, Amazing Spider-Man) finally finds his pace and voice in this issue. Until now the story has been very short sighted as if the premise of the character was the only focus. Now though, there is a clearer direction that the book is going. No longer does it feel like a spin-off of its older more successful brother (Irredeemable), but a series that can stand all on its own.

Horacio Domingues picks up where Jean Diaz left off after the first story arc. His style is a bit cartoony, but it gives the title a distinguished look. Domingues does manage to add some life to the title by filling the world with background characters so that it doesn't feel like a barren waste land.

Granted it's the seventh issue but it finally feels like the real story has begun. Max is becoming a well rounded character with a strong supporting cast, that's building towards becoming a strong series. It's nice to see Waid create and support two distinguished independent titles. Hopefully he has a clear vision of where both titles are going so that they can continue being a success.

Overall Score - 7.5/10



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