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Independant Games Festival Announces Winners

Very few people would be surprised to learn that Swedish developer Mojang's indie game Minecraft was the big winner at the 13th Annual Independent Games Festival which was held at the Game Developers Conference last night.  This ridiculously successful game (Which is still officially in beta) won the Seumas McNally Grand Prize for Best Independent Game, along with the Audience Award.  

Another big winner was the stealth/horror/adventure game Amnesia: The Dark Descent by Frictional Games, which won awards for Technical Excellence, Excellence in Audio, and the Vision Award given by sponsor Direct2Drive.  Amnesia was also big hit here at Player Affinity winning numerous awards from us as well.

Other winners include the extremely compact Desktop Dungeons by QCF Design for Best Design, Bit.Trip Runner by Gaijin Games for Visual Design, and Nidhogg, a swordfighting adventure game by Messhoff, which won the Nuovo award for artsy, abstract games. The award for Best Student Game went to FRACT by th university of Montreal.  Finally Best Mobile Game was won by the iPhone puzzler Helsing's Fire by Ratloop.

You can see more about the Independent Games Festival on their website.


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