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Indie Comic Movie Fancast – Sweet Tooth

With The Walking Dead Series, Locke & Key having a pilot episode, and even Chew preparing for the screen, it’s clear that indie comics are on the rise in Hollywood. It’s only a matter of time before all of your favorite indie comics are seen on the little and big screen. In honor of this rise, I have decided to pick some of the up-and-coming indie comics and provide some wishful thinking as to how the cast should work out. In short, a fancasting. And this month, it’s all about Jeff Lemire’s Sweet Tooth.

Director: Guillermo Del Toro

As with any good movie, it all starts with the director. With the post-apocalyptic theme and intense sequences in this comic, Jeff Lemire creates an environment and atmosphere that is both amazing and daunting for any director who decides to take this on. In the case for Sweet Tooth, I would have to go with Guillermo Del Toro. After seeing what he has done in films like Pan’s Labyrinth and the Hellboy series, it’s clear that A.) Del Toro has a passion for comics, and B.) the man is great with make-up and scenery. He would be a great choice to direct this.

Thomas Jepperd: Thomas Jane

To hold this movie together, you’re going to need a strong actor for Jepperd. Not so strong as to take away from what is going on in the story, but strong enough to hold his own on the camera, as well as show enough emotion throughout. For this choice, I went with Thomas Jane. With his performance from the Mist and Punisher, it’s clear he can be the scarred badass with a soft side that we would like to see in Jepperd.

Gus “Sweet Tooth”: Asa Butterfield

Gus, our favorite hybrid, is in a whole new world. Scared, lost, young, and ignorant to the things going on around him in this new world, there are a good amount of people who can play this role… but the problem is his age. Gus is only 9 years old, which really limits the market on actors to choose. After much searching, I have found the perfect actor: Asa Butterfield. Not only has he proven himself as a good actor in his recent role as Hugo, but Asa also is in the same overall age group as Gus, which makes him perfect for the role.

Lucy: Rosario Dawson

It’s hard to pick an exact choice for the tough-as-nails ex-prostitute who joins Gus and Jepperd on their journey. The first actress that came to mind is Rosario Dawson. She is a very versatile actress, and definitely suits the “tough-as-nails” description mentioned above (if you don’t believe me, watch Death Proof).

Walter Fish: Steve Buscemi

When it comes to Walter, there are so many words that come to mind. Shy, calm, nervous, but mostly creepy and awkward. When it comes to being creepy and awkward, it’s hard to beat a guy like Steve Buscemi. The minute I saw Walter and read the words that came out of his mouth, I immediately saw Buscemi.

Johnny: Jared Leto

Johnny is another character who is hard to pin down. He has very serious and pivotal moments within the comic, but he also provides a sense of relief throughout some points of tension, while never losing his character. I found Jared Leto to be great for this role, due to his quirkiness and acting ability. He exudes a certain charm that can carry the character to the point of humoring an audience, but also carries enough depth in his acting to make every action from this character seem real, rather than forced.

Dr. Singh: Naveen Andrews

After seeing how flexible Naveen was in Planet Terror, I would let him act as a doctor in any kind of scenario. The morally confused and crazily prophetic Dr. Singh would be a great role for Andrews to test his skill at, and I feel he would be right at home with this one.


Abbott: Terrance Howard

Abbott, as opposed to the rest of the characters in Sweet Tooth, seems very one-dimensional.  The only problem to worry about with a character like this is overacting, which is the bane of many villains. While I have never seen Terrance Howard act as an antagonist in anything, I’m pretty sure an actor with his ability can play the role of Abbott without a problem. 

And there you have it. The director and cast for the Player Affinity Indie Comic Fancast for Sweet Tooth. Keep in mind that these are all completely subjective. Are there any choices you don’t agree with? Any different opinions? Feel free to post any feedback and opinions below! 


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