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Indie Game Review: Death

Death is quite possibly the most concise title of all time. The entire game revolves around the concept of your character struggling to avoid dying. As you grasp for life, your objective is to basically press buttons as they appear on the screen. Correct button presses will keep you further away from “the light” and incorrect button presses will send you closer to the ever-present light. As you continue on you will have to contend with the on-screen commands changing colors, moving position, and even removing the button symbol. Death is a very simple experience that quickly becomes very difficult, but not unconquerable with a little practice.

The art style is exclusively in black and white with the only color being the button prompts on the screen.  The contrast is welcome in a game that is so dependent on these button presses to make an impression. During gameplay you will hear a voice coaching you to hold on and not die. This voice is very reminiscent of the voice of Jermaine Clement from the comedic New Zealand band Flight of the Conchords. The resemblance most likely unintentional but does make for an experience that is even more surreal than intended. The great part about this game is that is only 1 dollar. You would be hard pressed to find too many interactive experiences on your Xbox 360 that cost less than this one. This is one Indie game that you should definitely check out if only for the surreal vibe that it exudes.



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