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Indie Games Holiday Uprising Announced

Indie games have had a rough go on Xbox Live. While there are tons of great independent games on the marketplace, sifting through the garbage to find the gems can be a bit of a chore. To get the jump on the holiday spirit, it was announced that indie games would be getting some love as part of a new promotion called “Indie Games Holiday Uprising”

Similar to Summer of Arcade and Game Feast for XBLA, Indie Games Holiday Uprising will showcase some of the best new titles to grace the independent scene. Expect games from known studios like Ska Studios and Radiangames as well as some new kids on the block.

Indie Games Holiday Uprising will run the entire first week of December and currently has over a dozen fresh titles for you to play. Prices will range from 80-400 Microsoft points so start getting those points ready now. Head over to the official Indie Games Holiday Uprising site to get more details on all of the games being released.  


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