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IndieGameStand – A New Way to Find Indie Games

As websites such as Kickstarter become more popular (and video games become their top pledged category), the community surrounding these games is always looking for a new way to find them and subsequently buy them. While Steam and other distribution clients are a great way of finding these indies games, many times it is only after an indie game's critical acclaim that most people can find it on these clients, not while it is still in the dark and coming-up. To remedy this pain, IndieGameStand is making its debut on September 26th.

IndieGameStand is taking an approach similar to the Humble Indie Bundle, but having sales every 4 days, as opposed to every so often, on a pay-what-you-want basis. In addition to this, all games bought on IndieGameStand are DRM-free, many coming with Desura or Steam keys. The idea of charity is also being brought over from the Humble Bundle, with every purchase donating 10% of the profits towards whatever charity the developer feels best. If this sort of client seems like the perfect one for you, head on over to their website, and pick up a free copy of the game Chester simply for making an account!


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