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Infamous 2: Improvements Over the Original

The sequel to Sucker Punch's electric smash hit of 2009 is nearly here and, with the launch date of June 7th just weeks away, Infamous 2 is under the spotlight once again with high expectations. More action-packed gameplay, bigger bosses, louder explosions, and better visuals are all part of the itinerary, but how will the game address some of the original's other shortcomings? Infamous helped to introduce many new mechanics in open-world gaming and did so in mostly spectacular fashion. However, the game fell short with its plot and suffered from a bit from repetition and erratic difficulty toward the end. The title was also a tad rough around the edges in regards to performance and graphics quality. At times the heavy aliasing and blurry textures were very prominent and the frame rate would take an occasional dive. The developers have stated that Infamous 2 would feature a number of improvements in order to address some of these issue, which will supposedly result in a smoother experience. This points to a more optimized game engine and higher resolution textures, but no specifics have been revealed.


While it's clear that Infamous 2 is somewhat different in terms of visual design, the core components that made up the game's stellar sense of freedom will remain in tact. The control scheme may have seen some subtle changes, but most of what allowed players to traverse Empire City will be present to support exploration of New Marais. It's important in open-world games like Infamous to have fluid movement and even better to have seamless transitions when getting from point A to point B. The original did a good job keeping the pace, and for the most part the controls were solid. Controlling Cole in Infamous 2 will be just as easy, and the new set of powers should enhance his movement abilities even further. We can also expect to see the same great system for recharging and leeching power from the city's power systems. This was one of the most important aspects of combat in Infamous, because being stranded without a capable energy source to draw from could mean quick death. Players learned that by keeping an eye on power sources, and finding a quick route to reach them, provided them with a better chance of survival.

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Of course, the biggest and most significant addition to Infamous comes with the sequel's adoption of user-generated content (UGC). This will allow players to build and develop their own missions, then enable them to share the creations online. Using this new innovative feature, users will be able to explore the game world even further and enjoy an even deeper sense of freedom. It would have been nice to see a similar concept in the original, but using the sequel's in-game tools players will be able to challenge themselves and others with near limitless potential. UGC brings a unique and alternative way to play Infamous 2 and will offer additional hours of gameplay long after the single player story is over. Sucker Punch has also stated that these tools will be available from the start, so users will be able to create and share missions right away. This game is far more likely to hold a much bigger community fan base due to UGC usage, and will probably contribute to greater popularity. The original Infamous was a true gem but its much anticipated sequel should prove to be even more of a necessity for PS3 owners. When looking at the game as a whole, we can expect Infamous 2 to be an overall better experience—one complete with a more intimate story and more dynamic characters.


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