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Infamous 2 to Support UG Content

With GDC
2011 in full swing Karl Decker, Senior Designer at Sucker Punch
productions, has revealed some exiting and rather surprising new
details on their upcoming sequel
. Decker has stated that
the game is in the final stages of development and that the title’s
core storyline will be supplemented by user-generated content.
Players will be able to create, play and share custom missions right
from the start of
. The tools will be
accessible in real time while playing through the open-world
structure of the game.
innovative new feature only requires a PlayStation Network account
and internet connectivity for sharing.


no in-depth information on this new content, this announcement may
come as a surprise to many following the game’s progress. It is
speculated that the user-generated content will be regulated by an
online service, similar to what Media Molecule has arranged for
Little Big Planet,
and that players will be able to rate and review custom missions in
the I2 community. Karl Decker has also explained how this content can
be easily switched on and off in order to alleviate any interference
it may have with the game’s main storyline. So, if you would rather
design and play your own experience in

then the option will be there. The scale and depth of the
customization is to be announced, but from Decker’s perspective it
should be quite the treat. The game is due out in North America on
June 7th.

more information, please visit www.infamousthegame.com

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