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Infamous Adventures Seeks Beta Testers

Indie developer Infamous Adventures seeks beta testers to track down bugs in their two upcoming releases, a remake of Space Quest II: Vohaul’s Revenge, and a re-mastering of their previous remake, King’s Quest III: To Heir is Human.  Their solicitation does emphasize that they need testers dedicated to questing out bugs and providing useful reports, as opposed to getting an early crack at playing these titles.

Using the AGS engine, the team at IA breathes new life into these classic titles by modeling them after Sierra’s VGA releases, as well as adding additional layers of polish with voice acting, revamped interfaces, and original music compositions.  Whether you’ve played the originals or not, these remakes are a fantastic way to experience Sierra’s golden era.  It’s been quite some time since Roger Wilco last faced the perils of man-eating plants and Vohaul’s goons in the jungles of Labion, so if you’re interested in helping the IA team get this remake out the door, you’ll find more details here.


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