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Infamous: Festival of Blood Makes PSN History

Infamous: Festival of Blood is a stand-alone PSN game that utilizes the Infamous 2 engine.  Festival of Blood is an alternate chapter in the Infamous series where Cole McGrath becomes a vampire.  The game takes place in New Marais, the same venue for Infamous 2.

vampire cole

In an exclusive with IGN.com, Sony has revealed that Infamous: Festival of Blood is the fastest-selling game in PSN's history, since its creation in 2006.  Sony's Patrick Seybold was quoted, "On the digital front, we are also pleased to report that inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood is the fastest selling PS3 digital game ever launched on PSN."  Released on October 25th, Infamous: Festival of Blood does not require the purchase of Infamous 2 and fully supports PlayStation Move.  At a price of $9.99 it is a great opportunity for gamers interested in checking out Infamous' unique gameplay. 


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