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inFamous: Second Son Gameplay Video Released

A gameplay video for the latest inFamous instalment, Second Son, has been released after being shown by Sony at this years E3.

Featuring our new protagonist, Delsin Rowe, the trailer features never before seen in-game footage from the up and coming PS4 title, most of which sees Rowe taking it to the man with a range of new powers.

Due to be released next February, Second Son will not be a direct follow up from previous inFamous games and as well as a new hero, the game will have a new setting and situation for players to deal with.

As for the Karmic choices that defined prevouis titles in Sucker Punch's series and the state of MacGrath’s popularity with certain people, according to the inFamous: Second Son wiki, “As in inFamous and inFamous 2, Karmic choices play a role in the main story.”

“The protagonist, Delsin Rowe, uses smoke-based powers, replacing the electric-based powers of Cole MacGrath from InFamous and InFAMOUS 2. This also means that Delsin will have to absorb smoke (which is said to be far rarer than electricity) to regenerate his powers.’

So, has this new gameplay video got you excited for the next inFamous instalment? Is it fair that only Sony’s next-gen console will have the pleasure of playing it? Are you even interested in buying a next-gen console when they arrive in stores? Let us know your thoughts down below.


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