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Infinity Ward Hires Hackers and Glitchers

Calling all Call of Duty hackers and glitchers, Infinity Ward is hiring! We all know that the Call of Duty series has its share of hackers who jump through hoops and leap over all obstacles just to find a glitch to gain an advantage when they are playing the game. Well now Infinity Ward has actually gone as far as to fly out a handful of well-known game hackers to Infinity Ward studios in order to have them test Modern Warfare 3. The primary purpose of this is for these individuals to find any glitch in the game that they possibly can in order to provide quality game play for honest players.  

The majority of the hackers who have been hired are from a group that goes by the name of “mapMonkey” who pride themselves in finding glitches and sharing them with anyone who goes to their forum. The group made a post regarding this situation, since doing this goes against everything they stand for. They informed their followers that they would be in California for the week of July 10th in order to fish out all of the bugs and glitches in Modern Warfare 3. They promised to share their opinions of the game when they return without exposing classified information. Their followers are definitely not too thrilled to see them helping to prevent the same glitches they usually exploit, but I’m pretty sure they will understand. This is Modern Warfare 3 we are talking about here, so who wouldn’t take the opportunity to get an early look?


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