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Infinity Ward Sues Activision

Current and former members of Infinity Ward have filed a lawsuit against Activision claiming that the publisher still owes a great deal of money to the developers for royalties and bonuses. These Infinity Ward members are calling themselves the Infinity Ward Employee Group (IWEG), and state that 38 present and past Infinity Ward members have not received the $75-$125 million owed for sales of Modern Warfare 2. The group says that Activision has withheld additional payments, to make sure they work on Modern Warfare 3. IWEG is seeking compensatory damages of $75-$125 million, and punitive damages of $75-$500 million. IWEG says they are looking forward to judicial confirmation that their position is correct. This new lawsuit also debunks Activision's claims for the West-Zampella lawsuit, according to West and Zampella's attorney. If you want to see the full lawsuit, click on the link below.



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