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Inhumanity Trouble Increases

Marvel has placed a lot of stock into their brand new event. From a series of press releases and vague teaser posters – a lot has been said about Inhumanity. The new event and, really, the new status quo has been touted around as the brand spanking new thing and one of the major players of the Marvel Universe as it heads into the “All-New Marvel Now!”. Of course, one of the tent-poles of this event – the aptly titled Inhuman – has gone the way of Uncanny Avengers for the first iteration of “Marvel Now!”. That is to say, it has now suffered delays, in months even, and now even a writer change. From Matt Fraction, whose metaphorical baby this was, to Charles Soule – known for his work on DC Comics’ Swamp Thing and Marvel’s Thunderbolts. It is not yet known where Fraction will now land, but it should make the re-solicits a very interesting read.   INHUMAN001-080b6-3bd69   While this is breaking news, the fact that this highly important title is now coming out in April 2014 instead of January is unsettling. Plus, given Joe Madureira’s track record with his art and delays – there is very sarcastic fan speculation that even he may depart in the near future. At this point this could very well be the beginnings of a crack waiting to happen As stated Inhuman kicks off next year, and we will be sending though any new information as it pours in.


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