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Injection Heads Back to Stores

Warren Ellis (Supreme: Blue Rose) and Declan Shalvey (Moon Knight), alongside frequent collaborator Jordie Bellaire (The Vision), are heading back to the world of Injection. Hot off the heels of their last story arc, the acclaimed series is gearing up for a new plot in the same world that critics cannot seem to help but rave about. This will be yet another five issues that opens up more of the world and the supernatural/occult that will leave readers both engaged and entertained.  

injection 6 cover

  Warren Ellis describes the main thrust of the arc as “mostly about consulting detective Vivek Headland in New York City, dealing with the mysterious theft of a ghost. And also human ham”. Shalvey is no slouch either and, perhaps in a bid to both push the series but not give much away, compares it to the first arc in flowery terms - “Volume 1 could be described as a strange sci-fi story, Volume 2 could be described as a strange crime story. Being Injection, of course, the emphasis is on strange”.   Injection #6 hits stores on January 13th, with the cut-off date for orders being December 21st. For fans of Image this is probably going to be yet another must buy. Comments and thoughts would be appreciated below.


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