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Inside the Writer’s Mind: A Look at PAC’s Article Process

Ever wonder how a Player Affinity writer get their ideas to do their feature articles? This article will explain, mostly it starts with a question. 

What I read last week? Now that is a good question. What did I read last week? As Jorge sat down in a bench somewhere in Detrioit city-- you know that place where Robocop is set. People started to look at him in a strange manner, mostly because he was talking to himself. But that is ok with Jorge, this is not the first time he had talked with himself, in fact he is quite fond of talking to himself; you see young Jorge had developed a mind within his mind and this other mind goes by the name of George. Now, George had asked Jorge what he read last week since both of his minds are avid comic book readers, this was a question that could easily have taken hours to answer. It is not a question of what single issue our young protagonist read but what books did he read. You see Jorge, has an amazing pile of comics or graphic novels that could take an average reader a lifetime to read; in fact it is so awesome that his room consist only of comics. But that is another topic to discussed. Here, we're just talking comics right boys?

Jorge: yes! George: yes! (they both reply at the same time)

Jorge: well I'm trying to read Walter Simonson's Thor Omnibus...

Jorge, produces a gigantic book out of his back pack.

thor omnibus

George: holy crap! Are you going to kill a rhino with that thing?

Jorge: dude this is "the" Thor book to read....

George: yeah I know-- you don't have to get all comic book guy on me--

Jorge: geez... you asked me you,moron.

George: if you're calling me a moron you might as well be calling your self a moron, moron!

Jorge: hey... Yo- you got a point there... Any way I'm only half way in the book... I..I read the Deadpool: Pulp book, it is pretty good-- hey that got a ring to it! Deadpool: Pulp book, Deadpool: Pulp book jajajajaja.

George: wait you're half way through the Thor book and you read the Deadpool book?

Jorge: yeah and Captain America: The Captain by Mark Gruenwald...

George: What?

Jorge: oh and Ultimate Comics Avengers: Blade vs The Avengers, the first year of the Savage Dragon-- that was cool, did I mention that I finished the Uncanny X-Men omnibus?

George: my God! You're Iike a reading machine. Were you born with the ability to not have a life?

Jorge: I have a life.

George: yeah, what did you do?

Jorge: watched Robocop-- one and two.

George: alone, with a couple BBQ ribs and a virgin Cubalibre.

Jorge: hey I wrote a new status on my Facebook--and people commented on it.

Deadpool Pulp
George: what did you write Robocop three sucks!

Jorge: umm... Yeah... hey besides isn't it a virgin Cubalibre just coke?

George: (sights) that's it. Goodbye any chance of ever getting another girlfriend.

Jorge: dude, we are journalist now, we are supposed to read tons of books. you know to write about them...

George: guess you're right... So how bout that Thor book?

Jorge: it is awesome did you know they re-colored the whole run?

George: did they?

Jorge: yeah it looks like a brand new book, they did an awesome job on that one unlike that Uncanny X-men omnibus.

George: yeah that one looks like they scanned the comics to reprint that book.

Jorge: yeah some of the pages had poor quality but you get the first five years of Claremont, Byrne's run on the X-Men and anyway the book is out of print now.

George: yeah those books go out of print fast.

Jorge: but that's great cuz they go up in value.

George: did you really like that Deadpool book?

Jorge: it was ok, it has this indie/fifties feel that really shines during the whole series-- Cable and Strife appeared as two generals and the action is great.

George: but it also serves as a another Deadpool origin-- he's got like what? ten of those now.

Jorge: but it's like wolverine, you know...you just add it to his mystique.

George: mystic?

Jorge: mystique. You know his mystery.

George: meh...

Jorge: whatever dude. I dig it?

George: what you're Shaft now?

In the background there is a kid, who resembles the kid from Robocop 2.

Jorge: hey isn't that kid the one from Robocop 2.

George: God, that kid was annoying.
kid from robocop 

Jorge: what are ya talking about? That kid was badass.

George: no wonder Frank Miller got out of that project...

Jorge: hey how bout I do a feature on that Captain America book: The Captain.

George: that's the one with the origin of US Agent, right?

Jorge: it was bit controversial cuz they introduced a new African American Bucky and apparently the editors at the time didn't realize that it was a racial connotation. So they had to change it to another name.

George: whatever happened to that character?

Jorge: no idea. It also featured the return of the original Red Skull.

George: so you gonna do a feature on that one?

Jorge: I don't know its a bit long; it's a great book, but I don't think I have anything strong enough to write a whole article about it. maybe... ahh I  don't know...

The Robocop kid approaches, Jorge.

George: hey that kid is getting awfully close.

Jorge: he's just a kid leave him alone. You know I think I might do a review on the Ultimate Avengers vs Blade.

George: that one sucked! At times I thought Blade was the same guy that kills blackulas in the Venture Brothers, Mark Millar should leave that book alone.

Jorge: I thought it was a good book besides what have you read that is so great lately?

Captain America: The CaptainGeorge: I read better books than you--

At that point the kid from Robocop 2 picked the Walter Simonson's Thor omnibus and started to hit Jorge in the head with it.

Jorge: that hurt you little &$$&& Arggg stop it! Ouchhhhh my Hypothalamus noooooooooooooooo uh so hungry no no not my Amygdala oh God I'm so afraid.

George: Well that took care of Jorge as for what I read last week? What did I read last week? Oh yeah I took a break.

The kid continued to hit Jorge and scream something about how much Mark Millar is the best writer in comics.

George: you know that really hurt! ouuuuu you@&$)) nobody loved ya in Robocop 2 arrrrggghhhh and Mark Millar is a rrrraarrrrrggg...

After that they operated on Jorge and turn him into a new Robocop. It only took 30 minutes, turns out is a simple routine procedure. Now Jorge is dedicated to serve, read comics and give parking tickets. George survived the attack as well but he died in car accident in Tijuna. The omnibus books were banned for their use as a deadly weapons, making their market value go up into thousands of dollars in fact an uber geek in Wisconsin paid a million dollars for one (it was Marvel's Amazing Adult Fantasy; the dude thought the "adult" part meant another thing) anyway that is how usually a article gets started... You know besides our editor telling us what to write about.

Why the joke on the kid the from robocop 2? you must stay tune for the upcoming comic book podcast to find out. only here on PlayerAffinity.com 


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