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Insomniac working with Microsoft?

At GDC, whispers have said that Insomniac Games has gone multiplatform.  For a long time they have been working with Sony making the Spyro, Ratchet and Clank and the Resistance series.  All of which are very popular franchises. 

Now it seems that they are trying to expand their horizon and release their games on multiple platforms, so what does this mean for their series?  Spyro has already been released on the Nintendo before and could go to the 360, but let’s be honest Spyro hasn’t been a high demand game in the last few years.  Both the Resistance’s games, and all the Ratchet and Clank games, have been published by Sony in the past, so the chances of these beloved series being used by Microsoft are very slim.  

Ratchet ... You're going to the 360

The sales of both the series are significantly high so money isn’t an issue for this company for it to be the main reason of expansion.  If these rumors are true than either Insomniac Games may have had a falling out with Sony or they just want to make a game for Microsoft for other reasons. If I had to guess it could be because they want to make a multiplayer game with a console that has much more support for its online services.

We will update you on this matter as we get more information.


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