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Insomniac’s Multiplatform game Overstrike Announced

Insomniac have always been one of Sony's big developers and have a great reputation amongst gamers thanks to both their Ratchet and Clank games and the Resistance franchise which have all been Sony-Console Exclusives. But when Insomniac announced that they would be going multiplatform with their next, game many wondered what it could be.

Today at the EA press conference at E3, Insomniac's next game was unveiled. Overstrike is the name, and in it you take control of a team of elite soldiers utilizing radical weaponry and gadgets based on fringe-technology. Your team must work together to defeat an evil organization plotting the demise of mankind. 

In Overstrike your unit is comprised of an ex-mercenary, a master thief, a young scientist, and a decorated detective. As you would expect from an Insomniac game, each of the characters is infused with a sense of humor and the gameplay is expected to feature some absolutely crazy weaponry as well as.

While there is no real gameplay of the game yet, the CGI trailer shows off a Brink-Esque art style and hints towards the game having a strong focus on teamwork much like Left 4 Dead and the aforementioned Brink. Check out the trailer below-


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