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Interview with Ken Marcus – Writer of Action Lab’s Super Human Resources

Super Human Resources is an indie comic published by Action Labs about the HR department of the world's greatest heroes. A very interesting spin on the superhero genre! Learn more about this project with the writer of Super Human Resources, Ken Marcus: Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 6.32.48 PM Tell us what Super Human Resources is about. Ken Marcus: The name is pretty much the pitch. Our comic is about the HR department of the world’s greatest super team. We explore all the behind the panels stuff that happens in your favorite comic book. Who files the expense reports? Who signs the purchase orders for the shiny, new team jet? Who cleans up the conference rooms after team-ups gone horribly awry? Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 6.55.41 PMYou are actually a writer in advertising. How did that influence you while writing this book? I’m certainly very familiar with the banality of office corporate life. But I work at a fun agency. I get to work on a lot GEICO commercials. And they’re a great client. (I work on all of those “It’s What You Do” spots.) And it allows us to be pretty creative and to think outside the box. Hopefully, this carries over to our comic book. I make it a point to try to surprise readers with a kind of comic they’re not used to seeing out there. This book is about the HR team of superheroes. Does this mean we will get to meet the superhero team in the book or is it solely in the point of view of the HR team? In Season I, we’re definitely more “office” or workplace focused. In the HR department of Super Crises International. In our new volume, we take our ordinary office workers out of their corporate comfort zone as they kidnapped by mysterious and sinister forces. Some of our co-workers are flung into outer space, while Tim, our main protagonist, must now work in Accounts Payable for an evil, interstellar conqueror. Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 6.59.34 PMThe first volume of Super Human Resources was originally published in 2009. What is it like returning to this project for volume 2? It’s been a while. Life and my day job have gotten in the way. But this project has been long percolating. And I’m excited to return to the world of comics, which I love. I feel like I’m a much writer now than when we published our first volume. The reason we’re reprinting our first volume is because we’ve been on such a long hiatus. How will volume 2 differ from volume 1? I think I was leaning on the job a bit for our first volume. But this new season is much better when it comes to plot and story. Without sacrificing our level of humor or the amount of fun we’re having Also, we have a new artist Armando Zanker, who’s just awesome. He adds a more “animated” feel to the proceedings. How do we get to read Super Human Resources? Please ask your comic book store to order our book from Action Lab Entertainment. This is really important for indie comics. The comic shelves are so crowded these days. If you want to see something different, you really have to tell your store about us. Our first volume is in Previews this month and the all-new season will be in Previews this April for June release. Thanks so much for your support! You can read a preview of Super Human Resources 2 right here: SHR II Preview B-2


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