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Interview with Signs and Voices Artist Jorge Correa Junior

Last time we talked with Signs and Voices writer CJ Hurtt. Now we’re having a word with Jorge Correa Junior, an artist from overseas Sao Paulo whose been to both Europe and the United States. He has worked on comics from Chaos! to Disney. Hear what our international artist has to say about his work, specifically the comic book looking to forward the knowledge of deaf culture, Signs and Voices. How was it decided that you would do the artwork for Signs and Voices? Signs and Voices #1 Cover It was through the colorist Diogo Nascimento. He contacted Zam (the mind behind Signs and Voices) and Saduf (who provided creative input for the characters of Signs and Voices) and recommended me for the job. Why did you decide to work on Signs and Voices? I thought it would be interesting to work on a different project. I liked the idea. What was it like working with the creative team of Signs and Voices? Sometimes drawing the characters doing the signs takes a little work, but overall the work is quiet. You mentioned in your mini-biography on the Signs and Voices website that Fox was a fun character to draw. What about him made it fun to draw him? Signs and Voices #2 Fox In my opinion, Fox is fun to draw because he is cynical and likes to manipulate people, so that kind of character allows me to "play" with the expressions on his face! You’ve moved to the United States and Europe. How has that affected your career as an artist? Not much, I'm still working on my house here in Brazil. I see no difference between working for the U.S. or England. The rhythm of work is the same. What are some other comics you have worked on in the past? Stargate SG-1 #1 Hazardous Cover by Jorge Correa Junior I worked on Lady Death (for Chaos! Comics), Stargate SG1 (for Avatar Comics) Superman (DC Comics), Freshman (TopCow), Painkiller Jane (Dynamite), Repairman Jack (for Sea Lion Books), plus a few other characters from Disney Europe like Mickey and Pirates of the Caribbean. Do you have any other comic book projects you’re planning for the future or that you are currently doing (other than Signs and Voices)? I have some other projects for this year, but unfortunately I can not disclose yet. I also have a personal project about zombies that I intend to work on this year. You’ve had your artwork published by several companies like Dynamite, Top Cow and Disney. Were there any differences when you were being published by these different companies? No, they basically are very similar. What was your favorite comic book that you have worked on? Hard to say, I like them all! :D If you could do the art for any comic book you wanted, what would it be and why? Spiderman panel Undoubtedly, Spiderman! It's the character I'm a fan of. I read and collected all the comics in my childhood and teenage years. What inspired you to become an artist? I can not tell! I always drew. My mother says I drew even before I learned to speak. What inspirational words do you have for aspiring artists? I think this is what every artist says: Draw, draw and draw. Then when you're tired, draw some more! :D Thank you for all of your time! I thank you for the opportunity.  


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