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Invincible #100 Advanced Review “Does someone die in this Milestone issue?”

Personally I haven’t read Invincible in a while, but something always brings me back to this title. I caught up with this story arc and I love the direction the series has been going.  If you love the way Kirkman writes a zombie story with The Walking Dead than you are probably going to like the way he writes a superhero story for Invincible.

There are plenty of variant covers for this milestone issue. So, you can probably find the one you love out of the bunch. I know when I buy my printed issue I might get a variant or two.

In this issue, Invincible has to make up for the damage Dinosaurus has made to the world. The events that take place makes Mark realize he is an adult now and that he has to act like one. The cliffhanger makes Mark realize that he may have to grow up quicker than he expected.

This milestone issue for this series had a lot of hype in the beginning. Everyone was certain that someone was going to die. The death that takes place doesn’t last that long. Mark is just realizing that he has to make more planned decisions. The story is more centered on Mark’s future than the events going on in the present.

I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t as much of a shock value that I expected. This felt more like a regular issue than a milestone that should change everything. There is a pretty big cliffhanger but not enough to call this issue amazing.

It felt like a normal story, but this doesn’t mean this story wasn’t good. This story made me decide that I should pick up Invincible every month. It seems like this issue may not have given a lot of change to the series, but it will change the series for the future.

The art is great as always. The first page of this story is very gruesome with amazing art, but you can always expect that with a Robert Kirkman story. The art was amazing and hope it stays this way for the rest of the series.


Even though I thought more should have happened I still think this was a pretty solid issue. It gives us potential plots for Mark’s story for the future. We get to see his character grow into an adult. One of the best things about this series is that we saw Mark grow from a teenager who becomes a superhero into an adult that has the weight of the world on his shoulders. Pick this up to see Mark’s character grow even more!



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