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Invincible 74 – Review

If you’ve been following the Viltrumite War, Thragg (traitor to the planet Viltrum) is currently trying to destroy the Coalition of Planets. Weapons gathered by Nolan and Allen the alien have been helpful to defend Talescira, however time is running short and Thragg is getting closer to his ultimate goal... Destroying the Coalition of Planets! Starting at this issue, 74, isn’t a good place to start. Getting issue 71 (the pre-crisis) or just getting issue 72, are both good places to start in the Viltrumite War story arc. Starting at that point in the Viltrumite Story arc, will give great foresight on the current events on the war.

As the Viltrumite war story arc is drawing to a close, Invincible will have to take a stand on the planet Viltrum against the renegade Viltrumite known as Thragg. From the beginning Thragg has secretly been plotting to overrule the Coalition of Planets, and become ruler of Viltrum. Now that the Coalition is safe, Invincible and his team learn of an even greater threat that Thragg is planning. When his plans were thwarted to destroy the Coalition’s main base on Talescira (and scatter all of the planets trust), he decided to gather his troops to assault his home world on the planet Viltrum. Millions of Viltrumite lives are at stake, and Invincible is the only super hero that can take down Thragg and his army. That is, with special help.

Invincible 74 CoverRobert Kirkman (Science Dog Special, Hulk: WWH – X-Men) has done an incredible job at writing this story arc, and also the entire series of Invincible. Kirkman has made Invincible an interesting character, from his power struggles to normal life. Invincible is one of a few relatable heroes, showing human emotions. However, always making the really hard choices that most humans and heroes won’t make. I think Kirkman does an excellent job at conveying this to readers.

Ryan Ottley (Sea Bear & Grizzly Shark (writer), Superman/Batman) has continued to show a great passion drawing the artwork for the Invincible’s series. Cory Walker the co-creator of Invincible, (DCU Infinite Holiday Special, Spider-Man: Unlimited) did the artwork for issues 1-7, 25, 50 and 66-67 worked with Ryan in a 2003 issue of Invincible, and trusted the artwork duties to him. Ryan’s artwork has been amazing throughout his role as artist in this series; Ryan’s sketches have really flowed with Robert’s writing. Ottley’s artwork is almost the same as Walker’s, but Ryan adds his own twist to Invincible.

Overall this issue is great for followers of Invincible series for a good while, and also for newer readers who’ve started on issue 71 or 72. With the events that are coming up with the Viltrumite War, your not going to wanna miss what's next!

Overall - 5.0 



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