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‘Iron Man 3’ Adds James Badge Dale

On the heels of The Avengers, the Marvel universe continues to expand: James Badge Dale has been added to Iron Man 3. The star of HBO's Band of Brothers will be playing Eric Savin, who in the comics was a U.S. soldier-turned-cyborg named Coldblood following a disastrous encounter with a land mine. 

Dale is fresh off of shooting his part in The Lone Ranger and will be ready to join writer-director Shane Black's take on the Robert Downey Jr.-led superhero franchise when it begins filming later this month. He'll be joining new additions Rebecca Hall, Guy Pearce and Ben Kingsley, the latter of whom is rumored to play Iron Man nemesis The Mandarin. 

Curiously, Deadline reports that Dale's character will be a villain, even though his comic book counterpart was mostly a heroic second stringer. Then again, Coldblood was never part of the Iron Man lore, so it's clear that Marvel is okay with tweaking its canon a fair bit if it leads to more box office dominance.

Iron Man 3 begins filming this month.


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