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Iron Man Lands in Disneyland

Since Disney's 2009 acquisition of Marvel we've all been wondering when superheroes would show up at one of its theme parks. Today we got our answer. Beginning April 13, Disneyland visitors will get to suit up as Marvel's Iron Man.

Tying in to Iron Man 3's upcoming release, the "Iron Man Tech Presented by Stark Industries" exhibit will provide guests with a tour of Tony Stark's studio, as well as selected set pieces, including Iron Man suits Mark I-VII. But that's not all! Marvel's News page promises an immersive experience for visitors, including simulation technology that allows patrons to operate the Mark 42 Iron Man armor, complete with its "infamous repulsor blasts."

This isn't the first time Disney and Marvel have collaborated on an Iron Man 3 exhibit. At last year's San Diego Comic-Con, the two presented an Iron Man Hall of Armor that might be similar to the one Disneyland is getting. Regardless, it is our first glimpse at how Disney might incorporate future Marvel movies into their theme parks. What next, a virtual Asgard?

Of course, not everyone has a personal Iron Man suit to fly them to Disneyland. If you can't get to California in time to see the exhibit, you can still see the armor in action in Iron Man 3, hitting big screens on May 3.


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