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Irrational Games Announces Bioshock Infinite

Irrational Games has a long, unbroken history of making spectacular games, including System Shock 2, S.W.A.T. 4. and both Freedom Force.  Not to mention the artsy-smartsy shooter Bioshock. For weeks they have been tantalizing gamers with their new project “Icarus” which, as you all know is the name of the Greek hero who doomed himself by foolishly flying too close to the sun. Is that a symbol?  A metaphor?  Are they making a sequel to the old Nintendo game “Kid Icarus”?  Will it be an ancient Greek flight simulator?!

A top-secret press conference was held yesterday but the general public has only had access to www.whatisicarus.com a cryptic website which, until this afternoon showed nothing but an infinity symbol and today’s date.

So, just what is Icarus?  The website is now showing a trailer depicting the next Bioshock game- Bioshock Infinite.  Hence the infinity symbol on the old website (Get it?).  Instead of being another romp through the sub-aquatic Rapture, Infinite will be a separate story about another hidden city. In short, it’s a prequel set in 1912, on a floating city called Columbia. 

Yes, Icarus is a metaphor for man’s hubris and daring to reach too high, because Columbia is falling.  Little concrete information is out at this time, but the main character will be an agent of the Pinkerton Detective Agency sent to rescue a girl from the doomed flying city.  Steampunk elements are seen in the trailer including a cyborgy-looking thing reminiscent of a Big Daddy.

Release date is not known.





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