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Is Another “Doom” Movie in the Works?

The first Doom movie came out in 2005, and it’s safe to say that it wasn't a hit. For having a budget of $60 million, it’s worldwide take was around $55 million, and the film was added to the (long) list of game-to-film adaptations that just didn’t work. Most of us moved on, happy to let the film die and wonder when Doom 4 might see the light of day in the gaming world.

Now rumors are making the rounds that Universal, who just won’t let a sleeping dog lie, is sniffing around to reboot the “Doom” franchise. How do you reboot such a “franchise?” Shoot it in 3D, of course! That’s not a punch line — they really want to shoot it in 3D.

For any of our trusted readers not familiar with the "Doom" games (really?), the plot isn't all that remarkable: the series begins on Phobos, one of the moons of Mars, where a military outpost has been constructed. Just as your nameless character shows up, demons from Hell show up to make your stay ... unpleasant.

So just so we’re all keeping score: Guillermo del Toro is unable to get his adaptation of At the Mountains of Madness greenlit but Universal is ready to put another “Doom” film to it’s name. Score one for sanity/integrity.


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