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Is GT5 Spec 2.0 enough?

After an extremely long development period Gran Turismo 5 launched at the end of 2010. Although GT5 was underwhelming to say the least, Polyphony Digital has not given up on it. In fact, they have been providing steady updates to improve and refine the game. The continued support is encouraging but it has not been enough. Almost a year has passed since the game's launch and details of DLC and a significant update have only just recently surfaced.

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The stream of updates to GT5 have simply addressed some of the issues many have had with the game at launch. With Spec 2.0, some issues with the user interface will be addressed, the physics and AI improved, and some new car models are on the way. The Spec 2.0 update hit PSN on October 11th, the same day that Forza Motorsports 4 launches. Coincidence? I think not. So obviously Polyphony Digital is trying to steal some of Forza's thunder as the 4th installment of the series hits store shelves.

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Think about this: since Gran Turismo 4 dropped on February 22, 2005, Turn 10 has released 3 Forza games and now the fouth installment in the Forza series is upon us. I think this scenario perfectly demonstrates the dichotomy between these two development houses. Polyphony Digital takes a great deal of time in developing each game in the series. They go over the cars with painstaking detail in order to replicate them as authentically as possible. The driving force behind GT's success has always been its amazing physics engine. In GT5, the physics don't disappoint. It's the rest of the game that lets it down. GT5 is an amazing simulator, but as a game it doesn't fare as well. With Turn 10 and Forza Motorsports 4, the presentation and utilization of the Top Gear branding have been impressive to say the least. The detailed models hold up pretty well to the premium models in GT5 as they are shown off in the virtual showroom.

Polyphony Digital has not dropped any hints that GT6 is anywhere close to being finished, so the improvements coming to fans in Spec 2.0 will have to keep GT5 relevant as Forza Motorsports 4 releases.To help increase interest, Polyphony is also releasing 3 announced DLC packs (racing car, racing gear, and tracks). The DLC will be available October 18th. Polyphony Digital cannot stop here though; they need to continue supporting GT5 with downloadable content. Only time will tell if these new updates can bring back popular interest in GT5, which has been waning. One thing is for sure though, continued free updates and quality content will maintain the pedigree of the Gran Turismo brand, but Polyphony Digital will have to look at bringing a new hook to the series in GT6.

The current formula has definitely become stale. The single player racing gear dlccomponent of GT5 feels more like a chore than a joy as you grind through the game. It becomes a tedious process of winning mostly meaningless races to gain money for another car and/or upgrades. I would really like to see Polyphony Digital develop a more engaging and fulfilling single player experience where it becomes the simulation of a racing career as you advance and grow your reputation as a professional race car driver. Advancing through licensed or fantasy racing series as you gain experience would breath some new life into the GT franchise and add an interesting new wrinkle to the single player game play.


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