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Is Mirror’s Edge Making a Return?

While it has been rumored since shortly after the original's release back in 2008, Mirror's Edge 2 has seen about as much of a downward spiral for a video game sequel as something like Prey 2. Today, an ex-EA employee and Swedish based NGMOCO developer, Ben Cousins, has claimed that Mirror's Edge 2 is in development, stating that the development of the game is "general knowlodge".

"It is general knowledge in and around the Stockholm development scene that Mirror's Edge 2 is in production at DICE", Cousins tweeted today. None of this is official yet, but this is a very solid and strong lead.

To date the original Mirror's Edge has sold upwards of two million copies, not bad for a sleeper hit.  While many either loved or hated the original game, those that loved it have been waiting for even an ounce of information. 

Perhaps a big reveal at E3 2013?


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