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Is Nuketown the First Black Ops 2 Zombie Map?

Revealed subtly on the Call of Duty: Black Ops official Facebook page, it looks like the first (possibly of many) map for Black Ops 2’s renowned zombies mode could be the now famous Nuketown.

Earlier today the site posted the image below accompanied with the strap line “There goes the neighborhood”:


There’s been no official word on this as of yet so the news must be treated as speculation. This is the official Facebook page, however, so one can hope that the first chapter in this year’s COD Zombies spectacular will indeed take place on the infamously chaotic Black Ops map. In reality, Nuketown is the perfect setting for a classic zombie map with its ‘penned-in’ design and mix of indoor and outdoor areas lending to the strangely structured gameplay style that usually exists in a normal zombies round.

Activision have already revealed the zombie team Deathmatch game mode in which two teams of four will battle it out amongst the zombie hordes. With this in mind Nuketown seems the perfect choice of map, particularly considering the opposing houses (or bases as they are likely to become). Of course the other point of speculation is whether the map will be reminiscent of the original Black Ops town or rather the newly announced Nuketown 2025 featured as a pre-order incentive world-wide. Of course, there’s a possibility that this is the pre-order incentive after all and will only be available to those who pre-order. Here’s hoping that’s not the case.

Call of Duty: Black ops 2 is scheduled for release November 13th on PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and later on the Wii U. Check back here at Player Affinity for the latest up to date news on the title as well as an update on this story.


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